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What do I do, and when do I do it ?

Supporting Employees

Managing an employee with any form of dependency issue can be one of the most difficult challenges to face a manager. The number of people with gambling addictions has risen as the popularity of online and mobile gambling has boomed. When employees have such gambling and/or debt issues they can easily become distracted and their work performance can deteriorate.  Handling the difficult conversations that can arise around performance management issues requires considerable sensitivity and focus.  Call our Counsellor to talk through a strategy, role play the scenario or gain some advice on directing the individual to the support that they need. 

Persistent heavy drinking or alcohol dependency can lead to a range of social, psychological and medical problems and is associated with impaired work performance and absenteeism their related effects.

Our experienced Counsellors can provide useful independent advice in addition in addition to that available from your HR Team and the local processes available on how to deal with the situation.