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What do I do, and when do I do it ?

Mental Health

Most managers are concerned when they have to manage an employee with mental health issues. Recognising and acknowledging that problems actually exist is the first stage to solution. Often small changes or adjustments at the right time can be very effective. Sometimes the issues are more extreme and you are seriously concerned that a staff member is suicidal - support is available to the employee, colleagues and yourself. It is important to consider what immediate support is available for everyone.

Keeping in touch with an employee who is off sick can be a key strategy in reducing sickness absence; it's important to know how to conduct home visits. Our Counsellors can talk through your plans for these and help improve confidence in how to conduct them in conjunction with your existing internal policies and procedures.

Our experienced Counsellors can provide useful independent advice in addition to that available internally via your HR function in how to handle these situations.