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What do I do, and when do I do it ?

Loss and Bereavement

Bereavement affects people in many different ways and we have a range of services and products to help individuals and teams through this difficult and emotional time.

For some just having someone independent to talk to can make all the difference,

Our loss and bereavement document is a useful guide concerning itself with the effects of bereavement and the potential impact on our behaviours.

The loss of a colleague can have a significant impact in the workplace - an often overlooked area of loss.  Managers and staff alike are uncertain of the best way to deal with the workplace situation and may need extra support to move forward appropriately.  

Our Counsellors are available to help you – to talk through the individual pressures being experienced. Support can take the form of reassurance in knowing that the actions taken to date are appropriate or a larger plan of staff support can be discussed and formulated.

Death is not always a case of natural causes and incidents can have even more pronounced effects on the workplace.   Managers have to negotiate difficult conversations, either in a group or an individual basis and often it is useful to have a sounding board for these.

Individuals can also threaten to take their own lives and our reference library has documents t assist the manager in handling these threats practically in order to help the employee at the earliest opportunity.  The threat of suicide in the workplace is unfortunately an increasingly common situation to be encountered and alongside any specialist training you have received as a manager, Workplace Wellness can help you approach this difficult subject appropriately.