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What do I do, and when do I do it ?

Conflict in the workplace

Workplace conflict can be a serious issue.  We have a range of InfoNotes and programmes that can help you to tackle difficult and emotive issues within your team. 

Dealing with potentially difficult situations gives some good advice on handling individual issues.
Our InfoNote bullying - recognising behaviours can help to identify individual traits as can forms of bullying and harassment.

For more information and advice on issues around team working, go to handling conflict in teams and improving team working .

If you a staff conflict situation is at a point where external input is needed, please see our Workplace Mediation and Dispute Resolution brochure.  This is in addition to our standard EAP services and we'd be pleased to talk through it with you if appropriate.

Other InfoNotes relating to conflict issues can be found in Conflict in the document library.