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What do I do, and when do I do it ?

What does the EAP service offer me as a Manager?

The EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) is confidential, comprehensive and independent, and is designed to improve all employees wellbeing whatever their role and grade.

Specific InfoNotes giving information and support are listed under the various tabs.  For general help and support, we have the following telephone Helplines:

Information, advice and support for individuals, 24/7 Helpline:  0800 111 6387

Information, advice and support for Managers, 8am to 6pm, working days: 0800 111 6385 

We believe that an effective EAP can be proactive in early intervention wherever possible before situations become problems. It is as much about prevention as it is about correction, and is particularly focused on enabling the organisation to improve the working environment for all employees.

Few managers can be expected to provide all the answers and there may be times when as a manager, you would like an objective sounding board to help you navigate around difficult issues that arise in the workplace or as part of your Duty of Care responsibility in supporting an employee who’s emotional wellbeing is causing you some concern. 

Managers can request telephone support from one of our experienced Counsellors who are able to provide independent advice on how to manage difficult and unfamiliar situations. This is in addition to your own internal support systems and is intended to work in conjunction with internal policies and procedures. 

A frequently asked question from Managers is how to support emotionally distressed staff or staff with more complex needs. It is important to be able to consider the parameters of your responsibility in terms of your role as a manager and to include the human factor of wanting to offer support to someone who is distressed. Signposting a member of staff to the most appropriate support service is a valid and important task. This could be a suggestion that a visit to their GP could be helpful or contacting the 24/7 Helpline to speak to one of the counsellors for immediate emotional support and onward referral for counselling where appropriate.

Occasionally staff do not feel able to make this call for themselves and whilst it is important to always encourage them to take this responsibility a Manager can, with the permission of the member of staff, make a referral on their behalf.

It is important to remember that this service is available to all employed staff including you as a Manager and contact with the service will be treated in the strictest confidence.

As a Manager you may from time to time be faced with a member of staff who’s emotional distress is such that you have concerns for their immediate wellbeing and safety.  Through the Helplines, our Case Management team are available and will respond to your call as soon as possible.

We are seeing more and more staff asking for support with debt. There is undoubtedly, a noticeable increase in the number of staff who have been affected in some way by the current economic climate and will be experiencing different personal responses to their situation. Our strategic partner Payplan can be accessed through the 24 Hour free phone number 0800 111 6387.